Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Catching up

What a week. I managed to get the new car organised - and it will be an 04 reg Smart (even with metallic paint thrown in gratis for a quick sale).

At work, a number of false alarms with misconfigured servers have caused a few palpitations in the last hours before release (tomorrow, I hope), but the continuing good weather and the chance to cycle, has helped work off the stress. And I did have the pleasure of dragging one of my Antipodean colleagues out to the office at 11pm local time to verify that his server was indeed incorrectly set up.

In the garden - the irises are long blown, the snowdrops are looking very tattered, the croci are still going and the forsythia is about to burst into flower. The pond is seething with froggy activity, but no spawn as yet.

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