Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Fan-fic 1, RPGs 0

One of the things promised by "proper" role-playing, deep character immersion, beyond the initial hack'n'slash rush, is the emotional involvement. I've not checked it recently, but nearly a decade ago, this was the sort of thing being discussed on r.g.f.advocacy, with tales of players reduced to tears by the death of their PC's favourite (NPC) uncle or some such.

I trust people to recount their experiences — but I can say I've never encountered such in 25+ years involvement with the hobby. Anger at how the PCs (or players) are treated is about the only emotion beyond ennui.

Meanwhile, having written a chunk of Evangelion fan-fic, mainly to exorcise the gloomy nature of the concluding movie, the first other reader that I know of was actually moved to weeping. (and, I admit, I'd had to stop for the occasional snuffle-break while composing it).

It's not as if writing is easier than GMing — characters are just as contrary as players, when all is said and done — but I think it does allow one more easily to approach matters with defences of cynicism and distance lowered.

It also makes me wonder how many real *paid* authors have a quiet snuffle when writing the bits that have that sort of effect on me…

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