Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Play - Pedro, the Great Pretender

From the Spanish Golden Age season at the RSC, now playing in London, rather than Stratford, a rarely performed play by Cervantes.

Translated from verse into verse, in stylish fashion, a semi-autobiographical tale, interwoven with a plot involving gypsies, and the gypsy girl with the intent to rise above her station; plus general gibes at the clergy and the over-pious and over -credulous laity as one might expect from the period.

Interestingly different to English Jacobean plays that are of the same period.

And thence to dine at Simpsons in the Strand, no-nonsense best of British food (steak and kidney pie, jugged hair, aged beef off the bone, and of course the famous treacle sponge and custard). Don't think I'll be hungry till lunch tomorrow.

Also noting - there were the earliest daffs - or daff-alikes - in the crescent between Euston Road and Russell Square.

[Later]And I wasn't.

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