Friday, April 25, 2008

Anime — Ghost Hound

From the same people (Masamune Shirow and Production IG) who brought us Ghost in the Shell, this title feels like Serial Experiments Lain, only with psychology and biotechnology rather than networking as the gimmick.

It starts with the many-years-aftermath of a kidnapping, unearths skeletons in the closet in a small town on the southernmost major island in the archipelago, drags in industrial espionage and political factions; then throws in a whole bunch of low power psychic stuff.

In doing so what the story is actually about never actually gels. Plot threads are tucked away and abandoned rather than being tied off; so while the good guys (including some who you didn't expect to be numbered in that list) get a happy ending, there is a void at the middle of this story where the engine ought to be.

Provided you take the eruption of the paranormal into a small region as a given, and just settle back and enjoy the ride, it's great -- even the slightly rushed climax works. It's just looking back, it doesn't all quite seem to mesh cleanly. In its rush to be all hip and happening -- setting very much "Present day, Present time" -- there's a feeling of a bit too much making it up as they went along.

The jazzy sound track, the visuals (once you get over the round-eyed style), all the little tricks to indicate when things start to no longer be what they seem make it a great experience, and definitely the best airing over Q1.

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