Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Smooth moves

The first morning this week without Code Orange weather warnings about ice, I leave home after 9am, in the bright sunshine, to take the direct route to work.

There was the expected slush from churned up puddles at the top of the Eversdens, and in the corners at Kingston where the run-off always crosses the road. Two short sections, and no real surprise.

That came in Bourn, which was a total ice-rink. Very cautious on the turn with run-off just before the descent to the valley, a slightly premature sigh of relief at the bottom, to be greeted with very light steering and the automated traction system light flashing past the turn immediately following. Very slow, and lots of slush on the ascent past, around the bus parked with hazard lights in the Caxton turn-off, to meet another reversing slowly away from attempting the descent. Lots more slush from puddles over the road, only getting to a mostly clear state past the village where the sun had been able to fall on the road.

Still, no more than 30 all the way to the old Bedford road. By the time I'm into work, I really feel like something stronger than coffee!

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