Friday, April 23, 2004

Hark, Hark…

Cycling home last night, though the fields on the bridleway, I heard - and saw - the first skylark of the year. Later in the evening, Venus and the young cresent moon like a nail paring, not quite conjunct (that would have been in the small hours today). And today a brilliant sunny day, the sort of weather that makes out national day the very height of spring.

A pity I'm having to be in the office, playing fun and games with windows installers...

[Now playing - Biber Sonata III of 1681]

[Later] Indeed a wonderful day - warm and sunny throughout, enough that it was T-short weather for cycling home. And then time to mow the lawn again, including re-enacting the triumph of the grasses in the no-mans's-land at the bottom of the garden, proving that regular mowing is the best control for ground elder.

The cherry blossom is at its height - some buds still not opened, the first petal fallen. And this evening, watching the sight of the Moon and Venus conjuct - looking at the angles now, I'd judge the closest approach to have been about mid-day - spotted the first bat of the season, flitting against the greenish sky of the post-21:00 twilight.

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