Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March cycling &c.

Readings of 11,755.4 and 939.98 mean 287.9 + 49.25 + 97 off meter or 434.1 miles this month, or 861 miles year to date; just over a hundred miles more than last year, though well less than a 1000 mile stretch goal.

Those 97 miles as above on the last weekend of the month -- the first day was pouring rain after Mickfield, and the last was into the wind most of the way, but at least I had a long ride on the middle day, and good hearty pub meals in between.

In flower this timeWinter lingers

This year, and 2 years ago at the same time

The month started and ended not very warm, but wet and windy; with some bursts of warm sun in between -- enough to sit outside at lunch on the 20th, after a very grey start that hid the eclipse. And enough to coax the last of last year's tomatoes to ripen as well. With tomatoes and leaf beet from the greenhouse, and then broccoli and romanescu from the vegetable patch, plenty of home harvest, along with the regular spring flowers -- and flowers on the October sowing of broad beans in patio planters as well.