Monday, June 06, 2016

May Cycling

Up to 14,126.0, 3152.9 and 16.8, plus 2.8 off-meter meaning 30.6 + 286.7 + 0.0 + 2.8 = 320.1 miles (1797.2 YTD -- so more miles than last May, despite having taken both Bank Holiday weeks off work, thereby removing the commuting baseload, and also ahead in aggregate).

The month started in a blaze of summer, encouraging me out on a long ride to loop around Grafham Water on the far side, where I could see the bluebell woods at their finest; and it remained summer long enough for the first T-shirt commutes to work. It was the end of the month when the weather took a turn for the worse, with no cycling getting done on the wet, cool and windy late holiday week.