Tuesday, March 17, 2020

March Cycling (COVID-19 edition)

On the winter bike starting at 16767.4 and ending at 16831.5 when the advice to stay at home and shelter in place came out, for a total of 64.1 miles (231.2 YTD). Bang! go all the long spring rides, and the 30 days of cycling in April, that I'd been planning.

Later (27th) -- a spell of fine weather near the end of the month encouraged me out for a short burst of fresh air after doing end-of-winter maintenance on the bike, to spot where the terrible road leading out of the village had been completely resurfaced in the past couple of weeks. Total numbers become 16835.7, 68.3 and 235.4 respectively.

Wednesday, March 04, 2020

February Cycling

On the winter bike starting at 16683.4 and ending at 16767.4, for a total of 84.0 miles (167.1 YTD). Barely half as much as last year, in a month that was often wet, and with persistent high winds (gusting 40mph plus), which meant that again the home gym was a much more attractive prospect than doing leg-day, followed by another extended leg-day getting home.

The weather was at least mild, except for one brief fall of wet snow at the end of the month, which meant more time spent in the garden, cutting the grass and getting ahead of the weeding.