Friday, May 31, 2019

May Cycling

On the backup/winter bike, starting at 16308.2 and ending at 16362.6, or 54.4 miles plus the summer bike starting at 1201.5, ending at 1330.8. or 129.3, for a total of 183.7 miles (YTD 898). Down on last month, partly because no #30daysofbiking, partly because partly due to weather (being the rainy season, as much as we have one), partly due to fewer and less distant pub trips. Wanting to transport plants also meant that a couple of garden centre visits were done by car.

The one long ride I did was 40 miles to the Reach May Fair and back, which reminded me how I don't like cycling in groups, when I amble along at 10mph and everyone else is only doing 7-8. As the ad hoc bike parking was being overwhelmed by demand, I just watched the opening ceremony and got out while I could still get to my bike, and ground the 20 miles back into the expected headwind.

And of course, at this time of year, there was the usual plenty to do in the garden, keeping the unwanted suppressed and planting out this year's annuals.