Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Cycling

Well, this wasn't supposed to be just a cycling mileage log, but for the past few months, when it's not been keeping house and garden on an even keel, my side-project time has been eaten up with at-work side projects, variously involving Perforce streams, Jenkins, Windows Workflow 4, and a heavy dose of PowerShell to glue it all together -- nothing that has turned up any real revelations in and of themselves, and the results are automation tools mainly of interest to immediate colleagues, rather than of the "did you realise that you could...?" that I've hit in the past.

So, meanwhile, on two wheels, the numbers are 10432.9/599.6 or +162.1/+250.3 or 412.4 miles, in what was a dry month, continuing warm to the end, and would have been more had I not been down with a cold in the middle of last week, so 3215 for the first three quarters of the year. That makes it likely that I'll pass last year's total of 3441 miles sometime around mid October, and 4000 still a reasonable end-of-year target.

I got the new bike serviced at 550 miles on the odo, when I was able to get away with just a new chain this time; so time to start checking for wear about the 1250 mile mark and weekly thereafter.