Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Cycling

Up to 14,242.1, 3,820.5 and 128.8 off meter, meaning 19.3 + 183.4 + 128.8 = 331.5 miles (2782.6 YTD -- slightly up on last year, with its dreadful summer, but behind the pace for 4200 whole year, even at a steady rate).

I did manage a cycling break over the Bank Holiday weekend, with no worse than a few spots of rain on the Sunday, and glorious weather thereafter. No really long days, 50 miles being the longest, from Framlingham, up Route 1 to Beccles, then Route 31 to a very busy Southwold, a stop for rehydration, and then the last leg to Westleton, taking advantage of the dry weather to use the by-way from Walberswick where I came a cropper a few years ago -- only this time with only sand to worry about.

Town sign

I even managed to do a fair amount of new terrain, like the Route 1 off-road into Halesworth (which ought to have been the first day's destination, but once again there was no room at the inn), then everything north of Brampton on the Monday, then on the homeward leg, crossing the A12 just north of Saxmundham. OTOH, some bits I thought would have been new, near Gt Glemham, I had in fact already covered, even if only once and as recently this spring, taking a long route back from Framlingham to Woodbridge -- but this time the weather was glorious.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

A cycling anniversary

Today concludes my second year logging my journeys on the Cambridgeshire Cycle Challenge website, over which span I've logged 1137 (up from 601 = 538) journeys covering 8166 (up from 4204 = 3962) miles; supposedly 1302 kg CO2 saved (ignoring my increased respiration when burning the 147, 556 calories it tells me I have spent doing so) and saving £910.03 on fuel (ignoring the costs of fuelling me or running through consumables like chains).

Those wet spring and summer months are really showing on the numbers, now; as does an increasing dislike of the cycling conditions (= other road users) on any route to the Science Park.