Friday, January 31, 2020

January cycling

On the winter bike starting at 16594.7 and ending at 16683.4 with 5.6 of that overclocked when the calibration got knocked out of true, for a total of 88.7 - 5.6 = 83.1 miles in total. Not as good as last year, since acquiring a squat rack for the home gym meant I stayed at home, rather than heading to the Y, for a workout on wet and/or windy days.

Despite promises of another "Beast from the East" it's been very mild, and I even gave the grass its first gentle cut of the year yesterday, which makes it look much tidier. The mild weather has also made all the winter time cutting back more a matter of cutting before everything starts sprouting again, rather than when everything is quite dormant.

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

December cycling

On the winter bike starting at 16431.4 and ending 16594.7 at for a total of 163.3 miles (0 miles on the summer bike staying at 2216.8). For the year, that's 816.1 recorded on the winter bike, 1195.7 on the summer bike, 14 miles off meter and 17.6 on the folder, or just shy of 2044 miles in all. The weather being mild, often nondescript but occasionally sunny meant that rides into town/to the pub got done, with no significant distractions for gardening.