Sunday, March 31, 2019

March Cycling

On the backup/winter bike, starting at 16060.0 and ending at 16245.7, or 185.7 miles (467 YTD); the best month since September, and much better than last year in more clement weather. No long spins just for pleasure, but Friday lunches moved back to the Red Lion, and the chance to take the pretty way there.

The season is now getting to the point where the garden will be calling on fine days, despite the lure of the open road. But having managed the #30daysofbiking 4 times in the last 5 years, I'll be wanting to do that again too.

Friday, March 01, 2019

February cycling

On the backup/winter bike, starting at 15903.7 and ending at 16060.0, or 156.3 miles; the best month since September, despite being a short one.

Rather than being the month of winter as all the forecasts were suggesting, the weather was hinting spring all month, culminating in a high pressure event from the Azores that made for the first T-shirt cycling of the year, and with firm going on the bridleways, more like after Easter. Being dry, that also meant no other weather induced interruptions to cycling.

In the garden, I could at least attempt to make a head start on the chickweed, and get to clearing out that awkward corner near the shed, which had become overrun by nettles of all kinds during the autumn. And I got to mow the lawn twice!

Also, with being so dry, the soil was looking parched and while that meant easier to get to a good tilth, I'd even started recycling the bath-water to keep the patch where I'd sown the spring broad beans, as well as watering the patio planters and the sunny beds nearby.