Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Great Detune

In the early days of this century, Planet Rock was notable for two things -- reception where we live was atrocious, and they played Psycho-Killer about every third track. But as the years passed, the digital coverage improved, as did the variety of the playlists.

So at the end of last month Planet Rock were announcing that they were moving to a different channel, but all you had to do was press a couple of buttons on your radio to retune.

So far so good -- getting the full list of channels, and moving from zPlntRck to PlntRock was easy.

Actually getting a signal has been another matter. Where I used to have a radio alarm on my bedside, now I can only get a signal by putting the thing on the middle of the bedroom windowsill, and the radio plugged into the hi-fi downstairs is on the ragged edge of sufficient signal to noise at best.

At least we don't get Psycho-Killer on repeat this time around.