Friday, November 30, 2018

November activity

This month I ended at 893.0 on the summer bike + 10.5 miles off-meter or 151.4 total miles (1880 YTD); or about one more long ride to a pub lunch than last month -- all still riding to get some place, in cooler weather. Also wetter, which means that the convenient bridleway short-cuts are starting to get muddy enough to declare them generally closed until the spring.

However, it's not been so cold that I've been able to dig the vegetable plots, and December looks to be opening with mild enough weather that the lawn-mower might see some more use yet this year.

In the gym, now, having gotten to be able to address the bar properly for squats, I've started putting weights on, slowly. The fun is in judging what is enough for a proper load-bearing whole body exercise, while still leaving me enough reserves in the same muscles I'll be using for the cycle ride home.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

RIP rawgit

Going to put a new package on NuGet, the icon doesn't come out. So I paste the rawgit URL into the browser directly to check what's up and get a 403 that directs to, which says the service is being sun-setted, offering the following possible alternatives.

For me, the first one "just works"™, so that's what I'm migrating to, at least for the moment.

Thursday, November 01, 2018

October activity

This month I ended at 752.1 on the summer bike or 127.1 miles (1728 YTD); all just riding to get to some place (usually the gym at the Y) rather than just to be out in the open covering miles, even though the autumn weather has been generally mild so far.

And with the season advancing, it's been time to start putting the garden away for the winter, with the last of the outdoor crops gathered by the end of the month.

Meanwhile, having resumed doing weights nine months ago as a general bit of physical maintenance, I'm pleased that I've made increases in what I've been lifting. Most significantly, in trying to do squats, the major blocker has been shoulders too tight from years of hunching over keyboard and handlebars -- and a couple of months extensive stretching has finally reached the point where if I'm warmed up and well stretched (i.e. late in a session), I can actually get into position under the bar without the sinews in my upper arms complaining. Beyond the general posture improvements that this has given me (i.e. not being like these guys), it's also meant that the amounts I'm doing on the chest press machine has suddenly leapt up in a few weeks than it had done all year.