Sunday, January 12, 2014

Garden Rubbish

While there was a fairly white frost on parts of the garden this morning, the half-hardy fuchsias and the marigolds seem to have shrugged it off again. Meanwhile, in the greenhouse, one of the last of the beef tomatoes was ripe enough to pick, along with some salad leaves growing in the raised bed, between the bubble-wrap covered overwintering pot-plants.

Meanwhile the apple crop is just about running out and getting to the stage when I'm racing decay in the early picked stored apples, the celeriac seem to have done nothing, and the leeks are just about ready enough to do for a couple of meals. At least with the milder weather and the next door garden no longer being a spinney, there's been no muntjac nibbling the sound windfalls that have been in "outdoor storage" where they lie.

With the weather in general staying benign, it's also meant I've been steadily mounting up the miles on the bike again, workshifting the last couple of hours of the working day.