Saturday, April 01, 2017

March Cycling

Up to 14655.9, 148.8, 142.1 = 193.6 miles + ~90 off-meter = 284, which is better than January and February combined (YTD 541 miles), with more commuting and shopping by bike, and in the good weather at the end of the month, another quick CycleBreaks holiday and the first days of cycling with bare arms for the year (even if a chill easterly kept bringing in haze from the North Sea).

Sunday, being the day after the clocks went even an early start was late by the clock, and being Mothering Sunday to boot, finding lunch as well as the usual getting the saddle height just right and getting used to the bike meant I ended up doing a fairly short ride, during which time the cloud and wind picked up, and encouraged me back to base. Monday started grey, but by the time I'd gone most of the way through Ipswich the sun was burning through, so I could take the jacket off for the full circuit of Alton Water and then back again. Tuesday was misty until late morning, but I managed a ride out to Snape and back after it started to clear, with a pit-stop at the Elephant and Castle in Eyke on the way back.

Without an on-board measure this time, I estimated the journeys on Google Maps, and it was quite a surprise to find that the "short" ride to Snape and back was about the same distance as the "long" loop of Alton Water that took me about 50% longer in terms of time in the saddle.