Friday, November 30, 2018

November activity

This month I ended at 893.0 on the summer bike + 10.5 miles off-meter or 151.4 total miles (1880 YTD); or about one more long ride to a pub lunch than last month -- all still riding to get some place, in cooler weather. Also wetter, which means that the convenient bridleway short-cuts are starting to get muddy enough to declare them generally closed until the spring.

However, it's not been so cold that I've been able to dig the vegetable plots, and December looks to be opening with mild enough weather that the lawn-mower might see some more use yet this year.

In the gym, now, having gotten to be able to address the bar properly for squats, I've started putting weights on, slowly. The fun is in judging what is enough for a proper load-bearing whole body exercise, while still leaving me enough reserves in the same muscles I'll be using for the cycle ride home.

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