Sunday, December 05, 2004

Warm wet westerly winds in winter

= definition of Mediterranean climate. And very much what we're experiencing at the moment.

Which means it's too wet to mow the lawn, but mild enough that it has grown enough over the past month to need it. And now so mild that car tyres pumped up a couple of weeks ago are now over the pressure they were back then in the cold snap.

The only bit of gardening I've managed to do is some arboricide — starting on removing a bird-brought holly from one bed that was now too big to be ornamental. It's now down to the trunk (having filled the green bin with very spiky shreddings), and I've left it cooking with some Root Out, waiting for better weather to remove the stump.

With that gone, it'll free up 3-4m of bed which were strewn with so many spiky leaves as to effectively have been subject to some area-denial ordnance.

Oh, and getting very muddy in the on-going attempt to remove a Japanese anemone, by the expedient of digging the area over, pick up the big roots, wait for more to show by putting up leaves (the mild weather helps), and repeat.

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