Sunday, April 15, 2007

Anime — Hataraki Man

A rare thing, a josei anime, i.e. aimed at the 20-something woman.

Hiro is an editor at a weekly magazine that does news, comment, investigative journalism, and serial novels; possibly a little bit too masculine in her drive for her job for her colleagues : she gets called a “Hataraki man” — a working man — and her managing editor, on hearing she has date, wonders if it's with another woman.

But with all this work, she also has a problem with her lifestyle. She and her boyfriend never seem to have gaps in their schedules at the same time.

I just wonder if Shinji is a name like Kevin, with associations of being feeble; whether Ikari-kun has had a pervasive influence; or if this wimpish Shinji is just a coincidence.

In the usual way, to be thought half as good as a man, she had to do twice as well. And again, for her, this is not difficult…

This, in 11 episodes, is a slice of her life, its ups, downs, praise from and friction with, her colleagues.

Surprisingly compulsive viewing, for all that it is entirely mundane. — the Man Switch gag being a one-off.

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