Friday, April 18, 2008

Teeth again

Today, I had a dental appointment where the tooth on the right that I decapitated the other week would finally be measured for a crown.

I'd had the stump built up in the intervening time, and another temporary put on, but while that was going on part of a filling on the tooth behind had come off, so that would be being fixed too.

It didn't really matter that the temporary came off the stump the other week -- the gap left by that bit of filling falling off had meant that food was getting wedged there, and eventually the crown came off with the food (in this case a bacon and cheese brioche, where for a while I couldn't tell the temporary from the melted and now chewy bits of cheese around the edge).

The problem was that the tooth on the other side, also awaiting a crown, had started to crumble a bit, and that needed patching up, so today was another batch of running repairs, expected and unexpected, but no progress on crowns. The good news, though, was that after almost eighteen months, the gum by the tooth on the left is now healed enough that both of them can be worked on at an appointment next week.

If nothing else falls apart in the next six days...

If (not entirely SFW) weren't just a spoof, I would be queueing up to buy one of these--

This upgrade is truly revolution in dentistry. Not just because of the shape but also due to the materials and technologies.

With no interdental space there is almost no problem with the food remnants. The cleaning is the simpliest and easiest ever. Just a few motion with toothbrush and it is finished!

Thanks to the new N-DNA (neutral DNA cell) culture used for the tooth and the unique SRF (self reparation function) is the new tooth in normal circumstances almost undestroyable.

The SRF is invented by Human Upgrades Laboratories and provides nutrition of artificial N-DNA cultures. Organ with SRF can partialy repair it self.

I'd take it even without the SRF, myself.

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