Friday, July 25, 2008

“Oh no, not again…”

Early anniversary dinner at the Willow Tree in Bourn -- a lovely meal, despite the couple of glitches (one of the dishes running out and confusion that engendered), and good conversation, at one point turning to an anecdote about an old woman whose eyes and teeth were the only bits not being ravaged by time. So of course I remarked that I was having pretty much the opposite, but thankfully the teeth seemed to have all been repaired now, and yes, I would have the ice-cream selection for dessert.

And indeed the teeth were not sensitive to cold. Just that a chunk fell off one of them.


Monday I had a temporary crown fitted with permanent cement. Tuesday I got a slot to get an impression taken, so the mildly uncomfortable temp had to be drilled off. And after some inspection, the space was deemed to be very tight, so it's going to be a case of more bling for the grin in a couple of weeks' time. At least the new temporary is so far entirely happy rather than twinging when it gently contacted the tooth below.

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