Sunday, July 27, 2008


Humidity gathered all weekend. Today it was very sticky indoors, but quite pleasant when cycling (getting some sort of air movement). Went for a long spin, trying not to get caught up in the stream of London-to-Cambridge riders.

Later this afternoon, I spent a while staining the bits a cheap and cheerful pine book-case from Homebase, dripping sweat copiously in the still air in the garden. Putting the bits in the greenhouse so they could bake dry was like stepping into a sauna.

Meanwhile the cats were just lying around half-melted on the patio, watching me in a bemused sort of way.

Fell exhausted onto bed a bit before 18:00, in time to catch a weather forecast for heavy showers. Within minutes, the heavens opened, absolutely hammering down, putting about an inch of water in a tray I'd left on the patio. It eased off to merely heavy rain after about 15 minutes, but kept on going until dark.

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