Monday, August 31, 2009

A Bank Holiday bike ride

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Instead of the usual Duxford/Saffron Walden/Balsham/Fulbourn sort of arc, I though, as I've come quite close to Newmarket in the later parts, why not actually go past there instead. So I asked Google maps for walking directions, and it gave a longer way and a shorter way. As the shorter way went past Addenbrooke's I decided to take the longer route out, and the shorter on the way back, with some embellishments at the Newmarket end.

I'm not sure what Google is playing at, but where the orange line runs, I took that, not the strange detour through Six Mile Bottom.

There's a lot of rolling terrain on that outward leg; and there was a nice grassy verge near a gate to stop and picnic. A pause in the town for a drink -- the Wetherspoon's pub was doing a Nethergate beer festival, so I had a pint of the Ruby Mild which was very easy drinking -- before looping back.

The cloud had burned off by this point, and there was a strong warm headwind for the return, before stopping to visit Karen, who was feeling improved enough after her admission on Thursday to be getting a bit stir-crazy. Then into town for Festival tickets, a much needed pint and supper, and then home.

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