Sunday, January 27, 2013

We're all going on a Google Holiday...

Having been prompted by a post on the Cycling Holidays Google+ Community asking for pictures, I put up a gallery from my holiday to the Vendée back in 2005. And then I thought to my self to check how Google Maps (and Streetview) had come along since the last time I went to France, to see if I could actually find some of the places I'd taken pictures of.

Back in '06, when I first used Google Maps to provide me with detailed street maps for terminal guidance, the streets were there, aerial photography was very coarse grained, and of course Streetview didn't yet exist. Now, a fair amount of the '05 route was covered, or at least paralleled on the other side of a river or canal; and it was surprising quite how much of the route I remembered while virtually jaunting along it.

Which led me to digging out the paper maps from the '05 and '06 holidays, and retrospectively adding approximate maps to my blogged accounts, after reprising significant sections of the way from the comfort of my study, doing a virtual summer while the snow lay around outside.

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