Wednesday, March 31, 2004


Apart from the occasional exception (like Gunsmith Cats), I find that girls'n'guns always makes for a harmless bit of lads' entertainment. And this can span quite a range - say from the cerebral anime Noir, to harmless action movies like Underworld. A recent acquisition in that line was Najica - Blitz tactics Vol.1.

Now, I could tell from the trailer on other DVDs that this did have its own little fetish - but expected that the clips had possibly been chosen to make the point, as a come on. But rather than being the compiled collection of gratuitous panty-flashes, the trailer was, if anything, less intensive than the actual thing. Like Burn-Up/Excess came with jiggle counters, this could have come with a strobe rating. If it had, I think the flash rate would have exceeded 1Hz for most of the time. Otherwise, harmless generic g'n'g fare, but nor one I'm inclined to follow any further.

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