Sunday, March 21, 2004


Spring is here, as evidenced by equinoctial gales, bringing squally rain and hail showers. Thus it was filthy weather when I picked up my new car, and nursed it gingerly along the A428 to work. A colleague commiserated on my having to cycle in in such weather, but I was able to disabuse him of the notion that I was quite that masochistic. The gusty windy weather - with Met Office warnings - continues, and as the Smart is rather tall for its short wheelbase, I was not at all inclined to show it off when we went out last night.

Meanwhile in the garden, the early tulips, the glory of the snows, the kingcups, hyacinths (all varieties) and forsythia are taking over from the earlier bulbs and winter flowers like winter jasmine and viburnum. The pond is showing its first lumps of frog-spawn after all the froggy activiy over recent weeks. And this afternoon between the showers it was nice just to sit out in the sun near Hobbs' Pavilion on Parker's Piece, which is a good sign of the turning of the seasons.

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