Monday, March 29, 2004

Summer Time…

Or at least, Daylight Savings, at last.

#include <obligatory rant about the asymmetry of transitions - a month after autumn equinox, but a week after the spring one, rather than a month before>

The weather may not be summery, but at least it was dry enough for part of the weekend to get out and start fighting the creeping chaos in the garden. In previous years, I've been able to get started in late Feb, but with work, late winter and wet weather, not so this year. So the weeds are everywhere. Made a first stab with the hoe, and a rudimentary bit of hands and knees work to deal with the worst of the goose-grass (cleavers). Also found one of the goldfish in the pond had had a big chunk taken out of its back, leaving it paralysed - presumably a narrow escape from a heron.

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