Monday, January 28, 2008

Settling in nicely

Kamina discovers the coat-stand

Yoko is less certain

With friends coming to see the new arrivals over the weekend, Kamina has been fairly shameless, and he has certainly latched on to me (literally at times). Yoko is being less forthcoming, though she has come to sit on my lap if Kami is already there. She is very attached to her brother and will wail at times if she can't see him (perhaps because he's gone to refuel).

Jemima is being scandalised. Kittens have violated the sanctity of her basket, one of them (Yoko) just ignores her, and the other beats her in staring matches (except when distracted by "Ooh! Shiny!). She spent most of the weekend outside in protest. Have to see how well she integrates when shut in together.

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