Sunday, January 20, 2008

Anime — Blue Drop ~天使達の戯曲~

Blue Drop -- The Angel's Play

One of my top 5 titles of 2007, good for reasons I can't really explain. On the surface, it's really just Mari-mite with spaceships…

Wakatake Mari is an amnesiac orphan, sent to a girls' bording school after her elderly aunt (grandma?) can no longer look after her and home-school her. She is roomed together with the class president, Senkouji Hagino, whose presence triggers memories of the disaster that killed her parents.

But Hagino is really Commander Ekaril of the 5th investigative ship BLUE, and a renegade from an alien scouting fleet which is undertaking preparatory reconnaissance for an alien invasion.

This is a story of school life… Will Mari reconcile with Hagino? Will dormitory head Funatsumaru Hiroko manage to KEEP WEIGHT? Can Michi finish writing the script in time for her play to be performed at the school festival? Or will the curtain be brought down prematurely by the Arume invasion?

All done in a very engaging style of animation, and with an impressive soundtrack, with both OP and ED (below) being spot on for atmosphere.

Bottom right of the top image is, of course BLUE Drop -- in the style of an Adama Drop, that is.

Copied and pasted, regarding FLoser episode 9:
Haali media splitter doesn't split this mp4 container version correctly so you will get only video. So in mplayer classic press O (options) -> internal filters -> source filters ( tick mp4 ) -> ok and it plays it back perfectly, OR use VLC

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