Monday, September 01, 2003

Film — Pirates of the Caribbean and Tomb Raider/Cradle of Life

Pirates of the Caribbean is a harmless piece of tosh, with Johnny Depp looking stoned throughout his totally over the top performance. Possibly a little too post-modernist and self-referential, but fun.

Tomb Raider/Cradle of Life was not so good.

The first movie was pretty much in the spirit of the game - Lara doing her thing essentially solo against opponents, with the occasional "cut-scene" for conversation. The second movie provided the underwater sequence missing from the first movie (still waiting for dinosaurs and rabid dogs in Italy), and the first sequence in the flooded temple certainly fitted in as hybrid of scenes from the first two games, the story thereafter had far too much of an even dodgier ex-boyfriend than the one that was the main flaw of the first movie. This turned it into just another action movie, for which the sight of Ms Jolie in that skin-tight wetsuit was not really a sufficient balance.

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