Sunday, February 29, 2004


I had my faith in human nature restored yesterday. Caught in a squally snow-shower, on the way home from having to work the weekend (it went from rain to blizzard over a quarter of an hour, and in the previous mile had gone from wet roads to an inch or more of white snow+slush, with strong winds), I skidded, and slid the car slowly into a ditch.

While sitting there calling the insurance/breakdown people on my mobile, and then waiting for the rescue truck, almost every car that went past stopped to check that I was OK - those that didn't could see that someone else was already asking. Which meant that my plan to keep warm in the car was thwarted by having to keep winding down the window, and interrupted my phone calls, but was very reassuring of what might have happened if it had been a more serious smash.

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