Friday, April 08, 2005

What a week

Well, we've seen the triumph of Popery, in that the heir to the throne re-arranged his affairs on account of the Bishop of Rome. Though this seems to have passed some people by — at morning cakes today one of my colleagues wandered towards the table with the papers on saying “What's happening in the world today…” What with the funeral for a Pope and UK manufacturing one gets 1970's acid flashbacks…

And then the election. We have the National Socialist British Workers' Party … I'm sorry, that should read New Labour (who are presiding over the victory of the fundamentalist terrorists and of Popery); the Tories (a bunch of bandits like the name originally meant) trying to flank them on the right, and getting squeezed by UKIP (the Daily Mail party). And then we have the nice-guys in the LibDems, who are socially liberal, and would be OK if they let the Orange Book crowd take charge so they were economically liberal too, and not economically illiterate and supine in the face of Franco-German dirigisme.

I guess in four weeks time, I will have held my nose and voted LibDem — though it means nothing as the constituency is, to first approximation, 25% Lab, 25% Lib and 50% Andrew Lansley. (Actual figures 24%/27%/44%.)

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