Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Shortest Night

I went out last night with the team from work and drank too much (a couple of beers, get some tapas and couple of pints of San Miguel, get some air and then another couple pints of real beer). Watched the May Ball fireworks at John's from the bar at the Baron of Beef. There were enough fireworks that the street was hazy with smoke — even the underground bike-park in the Park Street multi-story was thick with it.

So, I set out for the ride home, with the just-past-full moon rising, and the always twilight of the shortest night, the air just cool enough to be fresh and invigorating, lights needed to be seen, rather than seen by. Almost enough to tempt me into doing something stupid like attempting the Dun Run next month.


Sam said...

Do it, Steve, do it!


Jason said...

i was just looking at other people's profile and i found yours.

47 years old man liking godspeed you black emperor and sigur ros?
That is impressive sir.