Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Oh qualified joy! Oh modified rapture!

An hour in the dentist's chair today. A few minutes cleaning up the surface where the tooth broke at the weekend, and slapping some Fuji-9 temporary on.

And the rest going from looking at a sore patch on the gum opposite to spotting that the tooth that had been root-canalled six months ago, and had had the filling patched once already, had cracked, thus inflaming the gum.

Tons of epoxy later, it's sort-of glued back together, and I can eat something more demanding than soup or runny porridge so long as I take things carefully especially on the latter side. But now I have a series of appointments for getting crowns.

Le *sigh*

The 21st century and I can't even get new teeth either by subtlety (coercing new buds to appear and shedding the old) or brute force (by A-gate or equivalent nanoscale rebuild). What is the future coming to?

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