Saturday, February 23, 2008

House & Garden

The kittens are growing noticeably, day by day, and have integrated into the household. Jemima will share her igloo-basket with Yoko, now, rather than flee in terror from this home invasion, and they will all play musical dishes happily at meal times.

Modus vivendi

Reaching an accomodation

Yoko is also getting a bit podgy -- Kamina had a bit of a runny tummy, and though he soon got over that, he is still smaller than his sister.

Both will use me as a warm place to sleep if I go for a nap, with Yoko even crawling into by dressing gown sleeve while I'm wearing it; while Kamina will just demand that I pick him up and fuss him.

In the garden, the snowdrops are just about finished, but the irises and croci are out, while the forsythia is just starting to burst its buds; and in town today, the early daffs on Parker's Piece were out.

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