Friday, February 06, 2009


So, it's being another proper winter. Monday, Thursday and Friday, snow lying -- today even falling -- first thing; but roads essentially beaten clear by late morning, though still wet. Still, it's easier to stay at home and remote into the office when I'm working on stuff that just requires getting into coding haze.

We coped a lot better in the winters 20+ years ago -- like 1986, where I first became aware of the village I now live in, by walking through it in a blizzard and hard sub-zero temperatures, on the 1st of March, as part of the local Oxfam walk that year. Then we drove up from Stevenage for the day, without any trauma to stick in the memory.

This year it's been barely freezing, if at all, with the snow quickly becoming slush -- and yet the roads snarl up.

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