Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Moving the immovable -- that McAfee SiteAdvisor toolbar in Firefox

Actually it does seem to be immovable -- I've tried a number of techniques (floats, CSS-positioning, CSS-transforms) and haven't been able to just simply move the control one pixel, let alone to somewhere less intrusive within the toolbox element.

Hiding it without disabling I can do. Here's how:

In your ...Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\..profile..\chrome folder, add the following UserChrome.css

Restart Firefox, and the waste of vertical space is gone.

You can tell how well crafted the control is, when you look at the XUL and see that it's a toolbaritem naked in the toolbox, rather than actually being in a toolbar.


Unknown said...

Yea! It works! I reclaimed a half inch of screen space. Now when I create a new ticket in Spiceworks I can see the whole ticket without scrolling.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, works.

Anonymous said...

Can this also be done in IE 8?

Steve Gilham said...

For IE you don't get the same freedom to play around with the layout. OTOH, in IE you can just click the [x] and disable the toolbar.

Sugandha & Vivek said...

Thank you for the solution. I have been struggling looking at menubar space wasted.