Saturday, December 05, 2009

F# October CTP and Silverlight 3.0

With the February 2010 CTP, obviously change the version number to instead!

Following on from last year's compendium for Silverlight 2 --

There's an official Silverlight 3.0 project template for Visual Studio 2008; while targetted at the May CTP, these can be used with the October CTP by opening up the .fsproj file and amending the file path for the FSharp.Core assembly -- unload project, edit, and change the version in the hint path for the reference to be like

    <Reference Include="FSharp.Core.dll">

and then reload.

The template is still useful as it automatically picks up all the other Silverlight platform assemblies from their location in the Silverlight reference assemblies folder, saving you having to do that manually from C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Silverlight\v3.0\Reference Assemblies and seems to provide some other integration in conjunction with the Silverlight tools.

Unfortunately, none of the samples provided are pure F# -- they all use a C# bootstrap for XAML and the AppManifest packaging. However we can still use last year's recipe with only minimal changes -- just update the RuntimeVersion in AppManifest.xaml to "3.0.40818.0", and the FSharp.Core.dll which you wrap in the .xap file is, of course, the one from the October CTP at C:\Program Files\FSharp-\Silverlight\2.0\bin\FSharp.Core.dll (not the one from last year!)

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