Monday, March 29, 2010

Out like a lion...

For the last week it has been mild, and often dry -- so that the daffodils and forsythia have all suddenly burst into bloom; and the weeds are going mad in the garden. But the forecast is for colder, wet and much windier weather running up to Easter.

I took the day off today to use up some carry-over leave, and to take the new wheelchair-accessible car for a spin to take Karen out to lunch; but not a long run -- so went to the Golden Ball at Boxworth, one of the usual pub-lunch haunts from work. I'm sure the process of doing all the belts, buckles, brakes, gears, etc. will get smoother with practise. And I got a bit of unexpected manoeuvring practise when heading to Knapwell, finding the road blocked with a police car and an ambulance, so having to make a 3-point turn in a very narrow lane. Still, that was all gone on the way back, and we could enjoy the vast display of daffs along the verges through the village.

Although a frequent from-work place, I'd expected that Monday would avoid the risk of running into colleagues. So imagine my surprise when the first faces I spotted as I walked through the door were they! Still, we didn't have to rush off quickly to get back for meetings at 2pm.

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