Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The garden is in full flush at the moment. The forsythia, daffs, plum blossom, primroses and tulips are just fading, while the Morello, Bramley and grape hyacinths are at their peak, and the bluebells, the Charles Ross and the lilac are just starting to burst their buds.

Cut and come again salad I planted in the greenhouse is starting to germinate, and today a batch of plants arrived, so as soon as I was back from work it was time to pot up sweet-peas and squash, to add leaf beet half the salad bed and the rest in the sunny herb bed, and put the tomato plants into grow-bags in the greenhouse. Between that, mowing the lawn and cooking dinner, I hardly stopped before it was getting dark, taking advantage of the last of this good run of almost summer weather before we get typical Bank Holiday cold and wet.

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