Sunday, June 06, 2010

Cycling Holiday

This time based at Seckford Hall Hotel, just across the A12 from Woodbridge. This meant that going anywhere by bike meant heading west into the country lanes first; and that routes were circumscribed by not wanting to cross the A12 or A14.

After a wet day on Tuesday, driving to the hotel and dining there, the rest of the week was glorious early summer -- bright, dry, and with cooling onshore breezes holding the temperature to sensible levels.

First day I decided to strike out a long route, starting with following a cycle route across the top of Ipswich, then clipping a corner -- with a little bit of dead reckoning -- and around, arriving at Pin Mill for lunch.

Pin Mill

Pin Mill

I did a loop round Alton Water to return, and then into Ipswich and through rather than retrace the loop. There had been enough cycle provision in the bit I had done before that it seemed resonable; though on the return leg there were a lot of cyclelanes interrupted by traffic calming islands. The bit through the centre I wheeled the bike, but otherwise it was no problem.

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Second day, out to the coast, into the strong breeze; cool enough by the time I was approaching Orford to want to put a long-sleeved shirt on. This time, crossing the A12 at a cycle crossing with lights, and cruising through Woodbridge.

Castle and chestnuts

Orford Castle

Return via Snape, and a familiar route -- indeed a lot of the suggested routes on this holiday were ones I'd taken when wanting to lengthen the ride on others.

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The last day started and finished the same, and I headed up to Framlingham, to check out whether Off the Square was functional again for lunch -- alas it seemed to be re-booting (adverts in the windows for head and sous-chef; no menu displayed). So looped back after a pub lunch at the Old Mill House at Saxtead Green.

Saxtead Mill

Saxtead Mill

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