Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cambridge Film Festival

An even more dreary and schlocky or right-on selection in the program (though the list on the printed program differs slightly from what are listed on the web-site) this year; down to only 2 that caught my eye

Let us hope that neither is a disappointment, since the generally tawdry, often cheap and nasty looking, selection of films definitely is. (Clearly no money or enthusiasm available for anything like Miyazaki's Arietty.)


Anonymous said...

you have got to be kidding? the 2010 lineup for CFF has some great films in it. but obviously not to your limited tastes.

Steve Gilham said...

Do list some, so I can disagree with specifics.

I pretty much started this blog as "My CFF film reviews", however much it has mutated over the years, so you can track back to when the CFF was good.

For the last couple of years, using the program as a guide, it would seem that the whole Far East has pretty much stopped making films; and this year there's not even much by way of retrospectives/revivals, and the choice of European cinema is limited.

Actually, it's not only the CFF which has stopped having a Far-Eastern program -- there's been a distinct lack of such cinema in the general program for the Arts over a similar period. Similarly, what I used to find of interest by way of arthouse cinema a decade or more ago seems to have been replaced by a drive to the tawdry and miserable.