Saturday, December 25, 2010

A white-ish Christmas

Last Saturday started dry but cold, though with some ice still on the road outside -- cycling into town in multiple layers, with only my nose exposed, that was very cold for the first couple of miles until I started to radiate enough heat through it. I got back home mid-afternoon, and took a nap, waking to find the world turned white.

So it was a work-from-home start of the week, while waiting for the ungritted roads in the village to be pounded clear; with a brisk yomp to Waitrose to get me out of the house. By Thursday, as the threatened midweek snow had come to nothing, I did go into the office (probably getting a lot less done than had I stayed at home).

Yesterday, I did the approximately biennial feat of cycling into work for the shortest working day -- although the fields were white, and the sky grey, the road was dry, and the weather, although still below zero on the way in, was milder than it had been (showing quite how accustomed we soon become to the cold). And in doing so that put me over the 1000 miles for this half year.

Today is brighter and sunny, but colder. Where I cleared the drive is dry, but the untouched snow is showing no signs of turning to slush like it had a few days ago. I shall have to make my way down the garden to check the greenhouse and the broccoli.

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