Monday, January 10, 2011

Garden Rubbish and Meaningless Numbers

You can tell quite how early -- late November -- the big freeze set in, as for the last couple of weekends I was doing things like raking leaves off the lawn, as well as other winter chores like pruning roses and clearing other dead foliage from expected dieback (enough to fill the green bin). The cold was also enough that inside the greenhouse, even under a further bubble-wrap tent with a heater set to frost-free, some of the pelargoniums got scorched -- not something I've had happen before in a winterised greenhouse.

In the weekend clearout, I got rid of the last tomato plants from the tent, harvesting one last tomato. Sunday I baked a crumble and almost used up the last of the apples -- leaving two Charles Ross picked and packed remained in a box of fruit that had mostly spontaneously self-destructed; and a large windfall Bramley (we ate the former raw and baked the latter for dessert today). Many of the picked-as-ripe Bramleys also self-destructed from within in the last couple of weeks; the windfalls were just as durable as the cosseted ones.

And some numbers -- at 08:39-08:40 on 21-Oct-10, the digital clock and odometer coincided; as again, cheating at 09:50 BST on 2-Nov; not cheating at 17:43-40 on 6-Jan-11; 1000 miles on 4-Nov. The bike read 1033.9 miles at the end of the year (and also on the 6 month mark of having the bike computer, 7-Jan).

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