Saturday, February 12, 2011

Signs of Spring

After the front-loaded winter in November and December, mild and often wet weather has brought the snowdrops to their height now, and in recent days crocuses and early irises too; even in sunny spots, early primroses, while the viburnum continues.

I cycled into town today to give my newly rebuilt bike (a full 3 star service from the new bike shop near work) a try-out; and having put on a winter-weight jacket was quite hot by the time I got there. So I stuffed the jacket in one pannier and was nigh-on the only person around with T-shirt and shades -- heavy coats and jackets were everywhere. Indeed so mild it was that I was comfortable cycling home without putting the jacket back on as the sun occasionally went behind the first real fair-weather cumulus I've spotted this year.

Other notes -- 6 months with the new car and a whisker under 2200 miles done on it, allowing for the clock showing 14 when I took delivery (from parking at home a fortnight ago with exactly 2000 showing).

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