Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring Cycling 2011

A short holiday in a spell of warm, bright but very windy weather. I started by doing a quick spin out to lunch at the Crown and Punchbowl on Saturday, returning along the towpath; then set out to re-do one of the short tours that I did a couple of years ago

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There was a sprinkling of rain on the Sunday lunchtime, and again overnight on Monday, but that was really of no consequence, unlike the previous time. The wind, however, was a different story, making the going a slow grind, and the journeys not so full of detours as before.

The minor road into Stowmarket was closed, as I discovered on the way in; so I tried to follow the intended route -- only to miss a turn and only realise on reaching the A140, so looped back to the intended route after crossing.

So, by the time I got to Cotton, it was about opening time -- and thus started a litany of non-functioning pubs, ending up at the Waterfront Inn in Diss where I could get food as well as drink in mid-afternoon. Just as well I had a substantial meal, as it turned out that the kitchens at the Scole Inn close on Sunday evenings.

The next morning, looking at the time and weather, I made the journey to Framlingham, stopping at Stradbroke to pick up some juice and biscuits, and them pausing on convenient benches to rest and read a while, arriving in time for a late lunch, and plenty of time to amble around the castle.

Castle from Gatehouse

Castle from Gatehouse

The weather continuing windy, the massive detour I did the previous time was out of the question, so instead I stopped at Sutton Hoo, doing all the woodland walks, as well as the exhibits; and rehydrating with coffee and soup.

The GAR seat

The GAR seat at Sutton Hoo

One final stop at the Dog at Grundisburgh, then the final leg into the wind; and the official return route using the cycle crossing for the A140, rather than my more usual approach from other directions.

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