Sunday, January 22, 2012

Adding the missing pieces to the Standalone StyleCop script

Rather than post the whole ~200 lines, just the salient bits so that the original can be tidied up (but without obscuring everything with obsessive error handling). Start by giving it parameters like

Find StyleCop in the default install location by

if (-not $StyleCopFolder) {
    $styleCopFolder =  (dir "$($env:programFiles)*\stylecop*" | Sort-object LastWriteTimeUtc | Select-Object -Last 1).FullName

Get the list of projects by either just the project, or using a regex on the project file from here:

Find a Settings.StyleCop file by looking at the project folder and up, defaulting to one in the StyleCop folder; and then scan the C# files of interest by

and customise the output file as

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