Saturday, May 05, 2012

The Galloway Effect

So, local elections, and the LibDem councillor of 17 years is standing down on health grounds. The election communication comes out with an introduction to the anointed successor, and isn't it wonderful what the parliamentary party has achieved.

Then suddenly, the first active canvassing I can recall for at least those 17 years, and maybe more -- phone calls, doorstepping, the full works. Then another more locally focussed election communication with a lot of "Please don't vote for the independent candidate" -- the only other horse in the race (I think I saw one Conservative poster the whole time).

So, results now in, 516 for the independent (a local character), 514 for the Libs, the rest down in the noise under 100, and a total turnout of under 1200 (which I would be surprised to find was much over 25%).

Maybe not as decisive as Galloway's win in Bradford last month, but a bit of a kick against complacency (though I don't think that Andrew Lansley has any cause for concern as yet).

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